10 Funny Instagram Accounts to Follow

1. digbyvanwinkle 2. betches We all can relate to the hilarious, but oh-so-true posts from the creators of Betches Love This. 3. miserable_men We know that a lot of guys hate shopping, but whoever decided to document these miserable men was surely a genius. 4. satiregram This Instagram account actually creates a satire of Instagram. Brilliant! 5. jermzlee A pug taking selfies. ‘Nuff said. […]

Top 10 people to follow on Instagram

1. @nikkigiavasisofficial: Nikki Giavasis’ work in the business has included finalizing colossal negotiations and bringing enormous name superstars and brands together through a combination of her associations and business sharp. Giavasis has skillfully made a system that is a power to be figured with. She is getting her lords in law keeping in mind the end […]