10 Funny Instagram Accounts to Follow

1. digbyvanwinkle

Digby & Aloysius are those so-ugly-he’s-cute type of dogs, which is funny to begin with. Now dress them up in hilarious outfits and have them take selfies. Instant laughter.

2. betches

We all can relate to the hilarious, but oh-so-true posts from the creators of Betches Love This.

3. miserable_men

We know that a lot of guys hate shopping, but whoever decided to document these miserable men was surely a genius.

4. satiregram

This Instagram account actually creates a satire of Instagram. Brilliant!

5. jermzlee

A pug taking selfies. ‘Nuff said.

6. jeromejarre

Started on Vine, Jerome just does some really hilarious things. He’s not afraid to ask people weird questions and, well, get some weird answers.

7. collegehumor

A hotspot for clever memes and shareable photos.

8. peejet

This guy is seriously living the lives that we all wish we could have. Or at least he’s photoshopping his way there.

9. trotterpup

Meet Trotter. A French Bulldog who wears wigs. You’re welcome.

10. cuteboys_withcats

Cute boys + cats = everything you need to be happy in the world.

Credit: Instagram | @cuteboys_withcats

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Meet the Celebrity: Keira Knightley


Keira Knightley made her television debut as a child artist and became one of the most successful English actresses 


Keira Knightley, an English actress began her career as a child artist, at the age of 9, in A Village Affair (Television, 1995) and made her film debut in Star Wars Episode 1 (1999).

With a slew of movies on her way, film career of Keira is officially in overdrive; her combination of boyish charm and classic elegance is a call-back to Hollywood’s Hepburn era.